ConsultEcon Management & Economic Insight

Museums are important to a community’s cultural, educational and economic well being.  ConsultEcon is proud to be a member of the museum community and provide market, economic, business and planning services to create successful new museums and support existing museums to remain economically vital while maximizing community benefits, mission achievement, and their market potential.



Radio Flyer Experience:  Chicago, Illinois
The Radio Flyer, America’s "little red wagon," is one of the most beloved and recognized corporate brands.  For Radio Flyer, Inc., we studied the market feasibility of an interactive visitor center and museum to be located adjacent to their Chicago headquarters and manufacturing plant.  We also estimated the potential economic benefits the project would bring to the City of Chicago.

Chevron Corporate Museum:  San Francisco, California
Evaluated relocation of the Chevron Corporate Museum based on corporate objectives for the facility and the available location opportunities and market considerations.   

NASCAR Hall of Fame:  Kansas City, Missouri
Reviewed the attendance projections prepared for the proposed NASCAR Hall of Fame to be located in Kansas City at a mixed use site with racing, entertainment and commercial uses.  We provided ongoing advice to the project proponent during the location selection process.