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Living World projects include aquariums, aviaries, botanical gardens, nature centers and zoos. These facilities provide an educational window into the natural world and entertain people around the world. They help to preserve the world’s biodiversity and promote conservation initiatives. Our services support the economic success of emerging, expanding and established institutions. We help these important conservation facilities stay economically vital members of their communities.



Monterey Bay Aquarium:  Monterey, California
Prepared market projections and financial forecasts for a ten-year aquarium master plan. Reviewed various approaches to reconfiguring existing exhibits and adding a new wing with new exhibit content. Evaluated the potential market support and operational implications of alternative scenarios, including staging approaches and construction impacts associated with master plan implementation.

John G. Shedd Aquarium:  Chicago, Illinois
Performed work on a major expansion for the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which has been successfully completed. This work included market and financial evaluation and phasing strategies for alternative plan development, as well as primary market research to test alternative interpretive plans.

National Aquarium in Baltimore:  Baltimore, Maryland
Evaluated the operating profile, market potential and financial results of past major renovations and a proposed expansion plan. Key analysis included construction impacts, throughput and capacity issues, payback against capital expenditures, and operating efficiencies. This expansion was implemented.

New England Aquarium:  Boston, Massachusetts
Evaluated the market support for a potential expansion of the current building and program. This work included primary and secondary market research, visitor projections and economic impact evaluations. The first phase of the expansion was successfully completed.

Marine Life Center:  Sandwich, Massachusetts
Analyzed market support for a proposed Marine Life Center in Sandwich, Massachusetts. This work included a site and location analysis, resident and tourism market profiles, and an examination of potential economic impacts.

Athens Aquarium:  Athens, Greece
Reviewed the potential for an aquarium in Athens, Greece. Basic market support studies reviewed the potential for development of this project to open during the Olympics.

Florida Aquarium:  Tampa, Florida
Retained as part of a team that recommended approaches to improve the visitor experience and increase attendance after the aquarium opened in 1995 and did not meet its projected level of attendance. This included evaluating new exhibits, marketing programs, and the impact that new nearby tourist-related development would have on visitation.

Acquario di Genova:  Genoa, Italy
Conducted a market support evaluation for a proposed aquarium and mixed use development in Genoa, Italy. This project was successfully developed and has become a major visitor attraction in Italy.

Pacific Northwest Aquarium:  Seattle, Washington
Evaluated the feasibility of replacing the existing Seattle Aquarium with this major new aquarium. Attendance potential was estimated and an operating plan created for a major new addition to the Seattle waterfront.

Georgia Aquarium:  Atlanta, Georgia
Evaluated the market support for the initial concept and location of the Georgia Aquarium which successfully opened in 2005.

Texas State Aquarium:  Corpus Christi, Texas
Conducted a market feasibility study for a major expansion of the Texas State Aquarium with a new dolphin wing. This work included Aquarium baseline analysis, a review of expansions at other facilities, market segmentation, an analysis of factors affecting future visitation, and economic potential. This expansion was  successfully completed.

Underwater World: 
Worked with representatives from the Aquarium and its owners to develop an economic impact statement showing the importance of a proposed new and expanded project to Singapore’s economy, particularly tourist economy. We reviewed the site and economic impacts of other aquaria to provide industry benchmarks.

Melbourne Aquarium:  Melbourne, Australia
Evaluated an expansion plan for a major new penguin exhibit. We also developed an assessment of the market and operating potential for the aquarium over a five-year period considering reinvestment strategies.

Colorado's Ocean Journey Aquarium:  Denver, Colorado
Prepared an analysis of operations and potential rescue strategies for the aquarium and provided valuation analysis.  This work was part of the bond holders’ evaluation of the Denver Aquarium to avoid a default on aquarium bonds.

Chang Feng Ocean World:  Shanghai, China
Prepared a review of historical operating performance and a market assessment that informed a five-year attendance and operating analysis for this existing aquarium in China. This included a review of the competitive environment for the aquarium and its planned improvements.

Funchal Aquarium:  Madeira, Portugal
Evaluated the potential to develop a new aquarium on this resort island. Market and financial analysis was prepared for this project to be located on the waterfront in Funchal.

Great Lakes Aquarium:  Duluth, Minnesota
Provided evaluations for expert testimony in a court case related to the delay in the opening of the aquarium. This work included production of memoranda detailing timelines and circumstances of the aquarium opening and comparisons with other comparable facilities.