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Living World projects include aquariums, aviaries, botanical gardens, nature centers and zoos. These facilities provide an educational window into the natural world and entertain people around the world. They help to preserve the world’s biodiversity and promote conservation initiatives. Our services support the economic success of emerging, expanding and established institutions. We help these important conservation facilities stay economically vital members of their communities.


Botanical Gardens

Cleveland Botanical Garden:  Cleveland, Ohio
Prepared a market and financial feasibility study for a major expansion of this existing botanical garden.  This included evaluation of existing audiences, revenue streams, and operating budgets.  The impact of the major expansion was also estimated.  The Cleveland Botanical Garden Glass House opened in 2003.

Waimea Falls Park:  O'ahu, Hawai'i
Evaluated the attendance and operating potential of Waimea Falls Park- a major botanical garden, bird sanctuary and archaeological park.  Issues included evaluating options for operating profiles, attendance potential with different ticketing approaches and an operating plan for taking this privately operated site to a not-for-profit operating profile.  The National Audubon Society signed a memorandum of understanding to operate the Park as a nature preserve for the City and County of Honolulu.

Olana:  Hudson, New York
Evaluated attendance potential of the master plan for the historic home and gardens of painter Frederic E. Church, a leader in the Hudson River School of Art.  We conducted primary market analysis of visitor markets.  This site includes an important art collection to be housed in a new gallery as well as changes to improve on-site circulation and parking. This site includes a nationally significant, picturesque landscape.