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Living World projects include aquariums, aviaries, botanical gardens, nature centers and zoos. These facilities provide an educational window into the natural world and entertain people around the world. They help to preserve the world’s biodiversity and promote conservation initiatives. Our services support the economic success of emerging, expanding and established institutions. We help these important conservation facilities stay economically vital members of their communities.



Buffalo Zoo:  Buffalo, New York
This master plan focused on rebuilding the Buffalo Zoo within its current size-constrained site.  The design and market and economic analyses identified cost-effective solutions to revitalizing this historic zoo over a 12-year period.  The plan is being successfully implemented with a major new exhibit that opened in 2008.

Indianapolis Zoo: 
Indianapolis, Indiana
Prepared the market, financial and economic portions of a ten-year master plan for the Indianapolis Zoo.  A wide array of possible investments were weighed, from new animal exhibits to participatory activities, to visitor infrastructure.  Focused group sessions with area consumers provided key insights to the planning process.  Later, several projects were evaluated in greater detail including a Great Ape House expansion, for a zoo business and operating strategy.

Minnesota Zoo:  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Prepared a market, financial and business plan. This work included evaluating the current operating profile as well as the future operating potential of the Minnesota Zoo, given an enhanced product and increased revenues.  Of particular importance in this effort was the evaluation of the mix of new exhibits and infrastructure that will best serve the Zoo’s economic needs and mission.

Oklahoma City Zoo:  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Evaluated the economic potential and impacts of a 10-year Zoo Master Plan.  Our work included identifying possible program elements with the best economic returns, as well as market, financial and business plans for the Zoo.  This included an assessment of the current operating profile as well as the future operating potential given an enhanced product and expanded revenue streams.

North Carolina Zoo: 
Asheboro, North Carolina
Evaluated an expansion program for the North Carolina Zoo that included an Earth Resources Center.  Other components of the project include a conference center and hotel.

Zoo New England: 
Boston, Massachusetts
Reviewed the Zoo’s current and historical operations and interviewed key staff to identify strategic opportunities for the Zoo to increase the zoo’s attendance and revenue potential.