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Living World projects include aquariums, aviaries, botanical gardens, nature centers and zoos. These facilities provide an educational window into the natural world and entertain people around the world. They help to preserve the world’s biodiversity and promote conservation initiatives. Our services support the economic success of emerging, expanding and established institutions. We help these important conservation facilities stay economically vital members of their communities.



National Aviary:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The National Aviary retained us to study the feasibility of expanding the project at its existing site, or moving to a new location along the North Shore.  The new or expanded Aviary would represent a dramatic shift in concept and avian presentation from the current facility.  In addition to attendance, expense and revenue projections for each alternative, primary market research (including focus groups and a telephone survey) was conducted to study Pittsburgh area residents’ response to the new concept and potential move.

Aviary Eco-Tourism Project:  Potter Marsh Bird Sanctuary, Anchorage, Alaska
Evaluated the market and financial support for an environmental center at the Potter Marsh Bird Sanctuary.  This work included a review of comparable avian facilities in North America.