ConsultEcon Management & Economic Insight

ConsultEcon staff have broadly based experience in evaluating market, economic and financial aspects of economic development projects. These include area-wide strategies, district plans, and site master plans, as well as individual development projects and redevelopment and reuse plans.  We often work in multidisciplinary teams that might include planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and/or public outreach specialists.



Salem Pier Management and Operations Plan:  Salem, Massachusetts
Participated as part of a multi-disciplinary team to develop operations and management plan for city pier serving passenger and commercial vessels.  We evaluated the market potential of landside uses such as office and warehouse space.  We made recommendations about the pier’s management structure based on case studies of similar publicly-owned piers in Massachusetts.  We prepared an operating plan, with staff recommendations and financial projections, and developed a marketing plan for pier start up and ongoing operations.

Fall River State Pier Business Plan:  
Fall River, Massachusetts
We worked as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide an operations plan for the Fall River State Pier Multi-Use Facility, which was developed at the request of the Massachusetts Department of Business and Technology and Massachusetts Seaport Advisory Council.  The purpose of this business and operational strategic plan was to provide a blueprint to guide development of the facility up to the point of hand-off to commercial operators.

Ronstadt Transit Center Joint Development Opportunities:  Tucson, Arizona
Evaluated joint development opportunities for the main intermodal transportation center in downtown Tucson.  This reflected local market conditions, but also the alternative transportation strategies that underlie the repositioning and reinvestment of this critical element of Tucson’s transportation infrastructure.

Union Station:  Worcester, Massachusetts
Reviewed the economic potential of alternative reuse plans for this historic rail station.  Uses considered included retail, office, service and entertainment, as well as transportation-related functions.

Intermodal Parking Deck:  Wheeling, West Virginia
Conducted feasibility, planning and financial analysis for a number of phases of Wheeling’s downtown revitalization process as follow-on to the creation of the National Heritage Park.  This work included a revitalization strategy; analysis of a new intermodal parking garage (funded through ISTEA), mini-feasibility studies for downtown projects and analysis of a new waterfront park, potential revenue and funding sources for the heritage port.  In addition, input to operating and financial projections and organizational structures were identified.  The project was successfully developed.

Woonasquatucket River Greenway:  Providence, Rhode Island
Reviewed background materials on the neighborhoods and the proposed route and provided an overview of area socioeconomic characteristics.  Coordinated strategies were developed to promote economic development, and economic benefits were evaluated including discrete development projects and new spending generated by Greenway users.  This project has been successfully developed.

Low Country Ferry Feasibility Review:  South Carolina
Reviewed feasibility for a proposed ferry between Hilton Head, SC and Savannah, GA.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Exhibit Vessel
NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program is developing new ways to build brand recognition and to interpret their program to the public.  As one component of their outreach mission, the Marine Sanctuary Program is considering retrofitting a vessel for use as a floating science museum/NOAA visitor center.  Working with vessel experts at NOAA Corps and an exhibit designer, we evaluated the feasibility and the potential attendance and operating parameters of the vessel.

Tennessee River Runner Tour Boat:  Chattanooga, Tennessee
Evaluated the potential for implementing a high-speed tourist boat attraction on the Tennessee River.  The work plan for this study effort included refining the concept and general operating parameters of the tour boat, including route planning, trip duration and frequency, vessel size and capacity and the overall visitor experience to be offered. We also performed a preliminary assessment of the demographic characteristics of the resident and visitor markets available for the tour boat, as well as a preliminary analysis of vessel and docking feasibility.  We developed an operating profile to define the preliminary feasibility for the project and projected earned revenue potential.  In addition, potential funding sources for the project as well as regulatory issues that may affect operation of the vessel were addressed.

Hanscom Area Towns Review of Massport Expansion Proposal
Reviewed economic and impact issues related to the proposed expansion and real estate development at Hanscom Field.  The Towns of Lexington, Bedford and Lincoln have formed a consortium to review the proposal and its impacts on the towns.  Proposed uses include increased aviation activity, a hotel/conference center, and office space.

Freedom Trail Visitor Center:  Boston, Massachusetts
Evaluated a visitor center for the Freedom Trail as part of a parking deck to be developed in conjunction with an MBTA Station.

Lynn Transportation Center Retail Study:  Lynn, Massachusetts
Evaluated the markets for and economic potential of retail space at a multi-modal transportation center.  Analyses included resident and travel markets and assessment of requirements for retail entrepreneurs.