ConsultEcon Management & Economic Insight

ConsultEcon staff have broadly based experience in evaluating market, economic and financial aspects of economic development projects. These include area-wide strategies, district plans, and site master plans, as well as individual development projects and redevelopment and reuse plans.  We often work in multidisciplinary teams that might include planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and/or public outreach specialists.


Fiscal and Economic Impacts

Baseball Spring Training Impacts:  Ft. Myers, Florida
Evaluated the current economic and fiscal impacts of Red Sox and Twins Major League spring training on the Lee County economy.  The economic and fiscal impacts of expansion alternatives for various combinations of team relocations were also evaluated. Study findings were important to the decision to fund a new spring training facility.

Lifestyle Center Impacts Study:  Dedham, Massachusetts
Evaluated the economic impacts of a new retail, restaurant, office, and entertainment development on existing businesses in the historic downtown.   We incorporated recommendations for the Town of Dedham to offset potential negative impacts and amplify potential positive impacts.

Gaming Impacts Case Studies,  Gaming Impact Evaluation:
United Kingdom
Working with an English firm, we profiled the impacts of gaming in a series of U.S. cities.  The work supported the firm’s evaluation of gaming impact potential on selected UK cities.

Underwater World:  Singapore
Worked with representatives from the Aquarium and its private sector owners to develop an economic impact statement showing the importance of a proposed new and expanded project to Singapore’s economy, particularly tourist economy.  We reviewed the site and economic impact of other aquariums to provide industry benchmarks.

Utah Museum of Natural History: 
Salt Lake City, Utah
We prepared an economic impact and fiscal impacts study for a planned new landmark museum to be redeveloped on a new site. 

Glens Falls Civic Center:  Glens Falls, New York
For this existing Civic Center, evaluated the ongoing impacts of operations.  This arena and meetings facility offers professional and amateur sports, music concerts, traveling shows, consumer shows and a variety of meetings.  Issues include operating impacts and event attendee and performer off-site spending.

New Town Development Impact Study: 
Mashpee, Massachusetts
Led a team of traffic, environmental and fiscal impacts experts to evaluate the impacts of a “new community,” including 700,000 square feet of commercial development and a 500 unit residential development in the Town of Mashpee. 

Akron Arts Impact:  Akron, Ohio
Assisted in the preparation of an evaluation of the impact of the arts community in Summit County, Ohio.  This work included a detailed survey of arts and recreational organizations and their economic and programmatic impacts on the area.

Irish National Aquarium: 
Dublin, Ireland
Conducted a study for the Irish National Aquarium to be located in Dublin.  We evaluated the market support and financial feasibility of the project, and evaluated the economic impact, particularly as related to overall tourism development in Ireland.

PIER Fiscal Revenues Potential:  Oceanside, California
Evaluated the visitor market potential of the proposed Pfleger Institution of Environmental Research (PIER) project, which includes Research, Education and Visitor Attraction elements.  Also included was an estimate of the direct fiscal revenues the project would provide to the City of Oceanside from sales taxes and parking revenues.

Megaplex Economic Impact: 
Boston, Massachusetts
Prepared a projection of the potential economic impacts and fiscal revenues of a proposed Megaplex in Boston.  This project would have included a convention center, domed football stadium and major league baseball park along with a hotel, commercial development and parking garage.

Community Character Impacts Study:  Ithaca, New York
Conducted a fiscal and market analysis of the existing retail environment in Ithaca in order to evaluate potential community character and competitive impacts of a proposed commercial development in the Town.

Champlain Valley Heritage Corridor Project:  Vermont and New York
This work for the National Park Service evaluated the economic impacts of the Champlain Valley heritage preservation plan options.  Our report documented the characteristics of the Champlain Valley Study Area, as well as the four plan options being considered by the NPS and the estimated impacts from each of the options.

Environmental Impact Statement - Economic Impacts Review,
Discount Department Store Proposal: 
Lake Placid and Ticonderoga, New York
Served as expert reviewer for two separate market, economic and fiscal impacts analyses for the State of New York under its SEQR environmental impact review law.  We conducted initial review and comments and review of subsequent revisions to relevant sections of the EIS.  The review included completeness, technical approach and conclusions.  Issues included economic impacts, fiscal revenue generation, and fiscal costs including municipal services.

National Aviary:  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The National Aviary contracted us to study the feasibility of expanding the project at its existing site, or moving to a new location along the emerging North Shore area.  In addition to attendance, expense and revenue projections for each alternative, primary market research (including focus groups and a telephone survey) was conducted to study Pittsburgh area residents’ response to the new concepts.  An evaluation of project economic impacts was prepared to reinforce government and philanthropic support for the project.