ConsultEcon Management & Economic Insight

ConsultEcon staff have broadly based experience in evaluating market, economic and financial aspects of economic development projects. These include area-wide strategies, district plans, and site master plans, as well as individual development projects and redevelopment and reuse plans.  We often work in multidisciplinary teams that might include planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and/or public outreach specialists.


Downtown Plans

Hyde Park Retail Market Study and Action Plan:  Boston, Massachusetts
Evaluated market conditions and identified revitalization strategies for neighborhood business district for Boston Redevelopment Authority and Hyde Park Main Streets.  Market review included customer demographics, consumer spending potential, and commercial mix analysis.  We conducted a combined intercept and online survey to understand customer perceptions of the business district and inform strategic recommendations.  The final recommendations focused on enhancing the district’s arts-related identity through targeted business recruitment and introduction of more regular and special events. 

Salem Retail Plan:  Salem, Massachusetts
Prepared a retail market study of downtown Salem to better understand market conditions, identify opportunities to diversify the downtown retail base and build consensus on an effective retail market development plan.  This plan is being implemented by the Salem Redevelopment Authority and its partners the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Program and private businesses.

Downtown Vision Plan and Revitalization Strategy: 
Woburn, Massachusetts
Created a revitalization vision, and an action plan to realize the vision.  As part of this study, we designed and conducted a survey of downtown businesses to help determine a strategy for the improvement and revitalization of the downtown.

Heritage Area and Waterfront Revitalization Strategy:  Wheeling, West Virginia
Work on this project included feasibility, planning and financial analysis for a number of phases of Wheeling’s revitalization process.  Our responsibilities included development of a revitalization strategy, analysis of a new multi-modal transportation center and parking garage, mini-feasibility studies for downtown projects and analysis of a new waterfront park.  We also identified potential revenue and funding sources, and provided input into operating/ financial projections and organizational structures.

Downtown Revitalization Strategy: 
Peabody, Massachusetts
Evaluated the commercial market for downtown revitalization.  Part of this work included consumer surveys.  Recommendations were made regarding downtown infrastructure, parking, traffic and early action items. Potential market segments for the downtown were identified.  We also measured market potential by retail segment and recommended a retail and commercial redevelopment strategy and implementation plan with a particular focus on business development and recruitment.

Central Area Economic Development Strategy: 
Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Prepared an economic development strategy for the central area of Pittsfield, MA, working with an architectural firm.  Uses evaluated included service, retail, industrial and public land uses.  This work included a number of citizen workshops and resulted in a development strategy consistent with community capabilities.  Follow up work included a comprehensive tourism development strategy for Pittsfield.

Strategy for Downtown Revitalization: 
New Britain, Connecticut
As part of a multi-disciplinary team, we prepared a downtown revitalization strategy for New Britain, Connecticut.  Development opportunities were identified.  Downtown core amenity and infrastructure improvements were also recommended.  Follow up work evaluated the potential for a multi-use development for the proposed air rights platform spanning Route 72 in the downtown.

Downtown Attractions Study:  Providence, Rhode Island
Evaluated the market potential for the development of a new attraction or set of attractions in the city of Providence’s downtown core.  We proposed the development of the Toy Discovery Center, a toy-themed educational attraction that would appeal to children and their families and reflect Rhode Island’s toy making tradition.  We also evaluated the market support and operating potential of the Toy Discovery Center, including optimal project sizing, development and operating costs, attendance projections and funding strategies.