ConsultEcon Management & Economic Insight

The staff of ConsultEcon have been consulting on development strategies and planning and for a wide range of projects in all sections of the economy for many years.  This experience includes working from site specific projects to region wide strategies. 


Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets analysis is a key component in many of our consulting assignments.  This includes evaluation of new markets, market opportunities, entertainment and educational products, programs and technologies. 

Examples of this work include:

Allegheny Musarium:  Warren, Pennsylvania
Aquarium Adventures:  Monterey, California
Audubon Ark Environmental Education Vessel:  St. Louis, Missouri
Creative Economy of the North Shore:  Massachusetts
Downtown Attractions Study:  Providence, Rhode Island
Indianapolis Zoo Animal Interaction Programs:  Indianapolis, Indiana
Long Island Wine Visitor Center:  Long Island, New York
National Flight Academy:  Pensacola, Florida
New York Fly:  Lake George, New York
Puerto Rico Aquarium Animal Interaction Programs:  San Juan, Puerto Rico
Stories Project:  Coralville, Iowa
Tennessee River Runner Tour Boat:  Chattanooga, Tennessee
University of Arizona Science Center:  Tucson, Arizona
Winter Tourism Development: 
Anchorage, Alaska