ConsultEcon Management & Economic Insight

ConsultEcon provides real estate analysis and strategic planning services for a broad array of property types including commercial, hospitality, entertainment and recreational real estate. Services include market and feasibility studies, master plans, highest and best use studies and fiscal and economic impacts analyses.


Commercial Recreation

Tivoli Gardens Themed Attraction:  Copenhagen, Denmark
This work involved evaluation of a new attraction element for this historic theme park. Issues evaluated included current audience assessment, market potential and warranted investment.

Arena Central:  Birmingham, England
Participated with a team evaluating this mixed-use entertainment center in the central area of Birmingham.  This includes entertainment, retail and restaurant elements.

New York Fly:  Lake George, New York
For a major international attractions development firm, we reviewed the market and competitive context, and offered conclusions for the proposed site for New York Fly – an outdoor recreation attraction in Lake George, New York.  This work included review of existing and proposed treetop/canopy walking tours in North America, analysis of area resident markets and tourism industry, and a review of local area competitive attractions context and area climate.

Oceanis Aquariums
For Oceanis (a subsidiary of Living & Leisure Australia Group), we prepared multiple site and market analyses for potential aquarium developments and investment in Asia, Europe, Central America and North America. 

Cherokee Hotel and Indoor Waterpark Feasibility: Cherokee, North Carolina
Indoor waterpark hotels are an emerging and popular recreational product. Working with a multi-disciplinary team for our ongoing client the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians we helped identify the best site and evaluated the market potential and potential return on investment for a Cherokee indoor waterpark hotel.

Flightworks:  St. Louis, Missouri
A comprehensive feasibility study was prepared for a planned aviation/mixed-use themed attraction to be located in the St. Louis metro area.  The work included site analysis and market research, concept review and comparables analysis, visitation estimates and operating profile.  The project plan includes amusement park rides, themed experiences, food service, retail and meeting space.

Niagara Parks:  Niagara Falls, Ontario
Provided an analysis of current market and operating conditions of Niagara Parks, which operates the Canadian side of world-famous Niagara Falls, with a focus on Queen Victoria Park.  It reviewed the experience of comparable attractions in North America and applied it to Niagara Falls.  An important aspect of this analysis was to put into context the strategic issues facing Niagara Parks as it planned for upcoming years in a Master Plan process.  Recommendations on new attraction elements, associated retail and food service were included.  A business plan and warranted investment strategy were central to a major investment program that is being implemented.

Living & Leisure Australia Group
For this publicly traded Group we prepared a review of historical operating performance of five existing Oceanis aquariums located throughout Australasia and provide a market assessment that informed our five-year attendance and operating potential analyses.  This included a review each aquarium’s planned improvements and the competitive environment for each aquarium in Shanghai, China; Busan, Korea; Bangkok, Thailand; Melbourne, Australia; and Sunshine Coast, Australia. 

Underwater World:  Singapore
Worked with representatives from UnderWater World Singapore to develop an economic impact statement showing the importance of a proposed new and expanded project to Singapore’s economy, particularly tourist economy. We prepared a market potential analysis of the project, and we reviewed the site and economic impact of other aquariums to provide industry benchmarks.

Destiny USA:  Syracuse, New York
Performed a market assessment for this major destination entertainment, retail, sports and recreational attraction to be located near Syracuse, New York.

Themed Attraction:  New York, New York
Analyzed the potential for a large, mixed-use entertainment complex in New York City.  The proposed project would be a destination entertainment center serving the New York Area as an "urban entertainment center" offering cinema, sports, rides, themed shopping and restaurant elements.  The various project elements would be mutually supportive in creating a destination attraction, drawing millions of visitors annually.

Family Entertainment Center:  Seneca County, New York 
Prepared an evaluation for a family entertainment center to be developed in Seneca County, New York. 

Cedar Point:  Sandusky, Ohio
This work analyzed the demographic characteristics of target market households for Cedar Point Amusement Park.  As the target visitor profile and service area included both water parks and amusement parks, we provided two separate analyses focused on these differentiated markets.