ConsultEcon Management & Economic Insight

ConsultEcon assists clients in the implementation and ongoing management of their projects and organizations. We work with clients from initial concept and plan development to actual implementation, including project opening, facility expansion and operations enhancement.


Organizational Plans

Organizational Plans have been developed for a wide range of projects.  These have included issues related to operating strategy, personnel plans and governance strategies. 

Examples of this work include:

Allegheny Musarium:  Warren, Pennsylvania
Arizona Historical Society Museum:  Tucson Arizona
Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities:  Arvada, Colorado
Chapman Cultural Center:  Spartanburg, South Carolina
Louisiana State Museum:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Motor Cities National Heritage Area:  Michigan
National Flight Academy:  Pensacola, Florida
Nauticus/USS Wisconsin:  Norfolk, Virginia
Puerto Rico Aquarium:  San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Antonio Visitor Center Strategy: San Antonio, Texas
Trinity River Audubon Center:  Dallas Texas
Tucson Origins Heritage Park:  Tucson, Arizona