ConsultEcon Management & Economic Insight

Impact Evaluations describe how a development action or investment will affect an area's social and economic well being.  ConsultEcon has developed models for a wide variety of impact evaluations including economic impact evaluations, fiscal impact analyses, secondary (spin-off) impacts studies and community impacts and community benefits evaluations.  Many governments require economic impact studies for project approval and/or funding. 


Fiscal Impact Analysis

Fiscal Impact analysis estimates the new tax revenues due to a new development and ongoing operation; the additional fiscal costs due to a project are also estimated for some projects. 

Examples of this work include:

Aquatic Center:  Tucson, Arizona
Arizona Historical Society Museum:  Tucson, Arizona
Arizona State Museum:  Tucson, Arizona
Condominium Housing Plan:  Salem, Massachusetts
Exploratorium:  San Francisco, California
Glens Falls Civic Center:  Glens Falls, New York
Indianapolis Zoo:  Indianapolis, Indiana
International Museum of Women:  San Francisco, California
Lakeville State Hospital Reuse:  Lakeville, Massachusetts
Major League Baseball Spring Training:  Lee County, Florida
Mountain Empire Science Center:  Bristol, Virginia
Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research:  Oceanside, California
Riverfront Plan:  North Augusta, South Carolina
Sing Sing Historic Prison Museum:  Ossining, New York
Site Reuse:  Boylston, Massachusetts
University of Arizona Science Center:  Tucson, Arizona