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The tourism sector is often one of the most important parts of national, state and city economies. Tourism encompasses attractions that entertain visitors; restaurants, hotels and retail operators that provide services to the visitor: and transportation that moves a visitor to and thru a destination. ConsultEcon staff work on all aspects of tourism, providing services focused on market support, development strategies, feasibility and implementation.



Puerto Rico Tourism:  San Juan, Puerto Rico
Prepared a tourism development strategy for Puerto Rico focusing on nature-based attractions and eco tourism.  This included wilderness hiking, caving and other activities beyond Puerto Rico’s traditional coastal tourism focus.

Winter Tourism Development Strategy: 
Anchorage, Alaska
As part of a multi-disciplinary team, we prepared a strategy to provide attraction, accommodations and tourism infrastructure for attracting more travelers during the winter to the rural area near Anchorage – particularly the Chugach Mountains area. Our work included market evaluation, pro forma financial analysis, and a plan for implementation.

Wilderness Lodge: 
Anchorage, Alaska
For the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, we evaluated the market and financial support for an environmental center in Anchorage, Alaska, as well as resort and wilderness lodge concepts to be developed in alternative back country locations.

New York Fly: 
Lake George, New York
For a major international attractions development firm, we reviewed the market and competitive context, and offered conclusions for the proposed site for New York Fly – an outdoor recreation attraction in Lake George, New York.  This work included review of existing and proposed treetop/canopy walking tours in North America, analysis of area resident markets and tourism industry, and a review of local area competitive attractions context and area climate.

NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Interpretive Strategy: 
This study aimed at identifying a strategy for the National Marine Sanctuary System (NMSS) to build brand recognition by capitalizing on available market opportunities related to interpreting the marine Sanctuary system, and the natural and cultural attributes of specific Sanctuaries.  Visitor activities at the 14 national marine sanctuaries included boating, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, and birding.

Aquarium Adventures:  Monterey, California
Evaluated aquarium real estate ownership/development options and the development of the Aquarium Adventure program which was subsequently implemented at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  This work was supported by a review of non-profit operators’ approach to earned income business opportunities.

Chugach Mountain Hut to Hut System:  Anchorage, Alaska
Prepared an initial feasibility evaluation for a Hut to Hut backpacking, hiking and sking system in the Chugach Mountains.