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James Stevens,  Vice President

Mr. Stevens has broad-based experience in market analysis, business planning, financial modeling, and economic planning and development.  Areas of expertise include commercial district planning and revitalization strategies, assessing the economic feasibility of cultural facilities, heritage sites, parks, visitor attractions and other tourism-related uses, and evaluating direct and indirect socio-economic impacts and fiscal impacts of real estate development and business operations.  His clients include non-profit organizations and city, town and county governments.  Mr. Stevens has a master’s degree in city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Prior to graduate school, Mr. Stevens worked for over 4 years in sales, marketing communications, and product development.  He received a bachelor’s degree in history from Cornell University and is a member of the American Planning Association.  He is the author of "A Greener Birmingham," an article published in the winter 2008 edition of The New Planner.