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Museums are important to a community’s cultural, educational and economic well being.  ConsultEcon is proud to be a member of the museum community and provide market, economic, business and planning services to create successful new museums and support existing museums to remain economically vital while maximizing community benefits, mission achievement, and their market potential.



Nauticus/USS Wisconsin:  Norfolk, Virginia
For Nauticus, the National Maritime Museum, ConsultEcon led a multi-disciplinary team that evaluated the potential for integrating the Battleship USS Wisconsin into Nauticus’ Maritime Museum experience.  Also evaluated the potential for operating a cruise ship terminal and alternative future governance.

River Heritage Museum:  Paducah, Kentucky
Conducted market analysis, financial and operations planning, and economic impacts evaluation for the major expansion planned for the River Heritage Museum.  As a follow-up to that market study, we participated in a charrette with other team members to refine the planning work for the expansion.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Exhibit Vessel

NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program is currently developing new ways to build brand recognition and to interpret their program to the public.  As one component of their outreach mission, the Marine Sanctuary Program is considering retrofitting a vessel for use as a floating science museum/NOAA visitor center.  Working with vessel experts at NOAA Corps and an exhibit designer, ConsultEcon, Inc. evaluated the feasibility and the potential attendance and operating parameters of the vessel.

USS Ranger:  Portland, Oregon
Evaluated the market and operating potential of the USS Ranger to be permanently berthed in Portland, Oregon as a museum and memorial to its crew and to naval aviation.  This work included evaluation of attendance potential, operating revenue and expenses, organizational capacity, and development cost assumptions.

USS Iowa: 
Stockton, California
Reviewed on behalf of the City of Stockton the proposal by Battleship Iowa Museum/Memorial Foundation to permanently berth the USS Iowa in Stockton.  Provided professional assistance in this review on issues related to attendance potential, operating revenue and expenses, organizational capacity, development cost assumptions and economic impacts analysis.

USS Saratoga:  Quonset Point, Rhode Island
Prepared a market and operating analysis as a portion of the business and development plan for the permanent berthing of the USS Saratoga at Quonset Point as an educational attraction.  This market and operating analysis was prepared in conjunction with other ongoing planning activities for the project.  We also prepared an economic impact analysis for the USS Saratoga at Quonset Point, and are continuing to work with the Foundation.

USS Des Moines:  Gary, Indiana
Prepared a market and operating feasibility study for the proposed permanent berthing of the USS Des Moines in Gary, Indiana as an educational and museum attraction.  The Des Moines will be operated as a museum centered on the historic ship, and showcasing American and local history through national defense, heavy industry, manufacturing, and transportation.

Confederate Submarine H.L. Hunley Museum:  Charleston, South Carolina
Reviewed the market for and sustainability of locating the recently recovered Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley at alternative locations within the Charleston Metro area.  We also provided consulting services regarding a potential operating budget for The Hunley Submarine and Museum.

Maritime Museum at Mobile Landing:  Mobile, Alabama
The Mobile Landing includes three components:  the Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico, a Visitor Center, and a Ferry Terminal.  This study evaluated the market potential of the two proposed visitor attraction components of the Maritime Transportation Center:  the Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico and the Visitor Center.  Gulf Quest, The Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico celebrates the maritime history of the Gulf and makes connections to present day maritime culture and its prospects for the future.